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Design Expertise

  • Game design, level design, and scripting

  • Single player and multiplayer design

  • RTS, FPS, MMO, and puzzle design

  • Unreal Engine 4, Source, and other engines

  • Competitive and cooperative design

  • XBOX, Playstation, PC, and Oculus platforms

  • Blueprint and text based scripting languages

  • Over 10 years experience

Professional Experience

Hidden Path Entertainment

Senior Designer
September 2016 - Present

  • Leading the world design and defining core game loops for an unannounced project

  • Designed 19 of the 21 maps in Brass Tactics for 1v1, co-op, campaign, and arena game modes

  • Scripted all of the level scripting for the maps in Brass Tactics

  • Architected and implemented many blueprints for Brass Tactics including patrol groups and routes, game modes and mods, wave spawners modified by difficulty, objective indicators, and demo controllers

  • Architected and prototyped our queued audio and VO system in blueprint before it became codified

  • Worked with programming to design and create performant blueprints and AI behavior

  • Worked with art to establish visual language, themes, and vistas for levels and gameplay spaces

  • Established level design and scripting best practices for Brass Tactics and unannounced projects

Turtle Rock Studios

Senior Designer
August 2013 - August 2016

  • Designed Rescue, Nest, Defend, and Evacuation game modes for Evolve

  • Designed the Defend map New Calico and took on the other Defend maps after prototype phase on Evolve

  • Implemented campaign effects in Evacuation for all Evolve launch content

  • Worked with programmers to create features for implementing and tuning Evolve game modes

  • Created character traversal mechanics, enemy designs, levels, and items in UE4 for an unannounced project

  • Created static and dynamic spawning systems for items, enemies, and missions for an unannounced project

  • Created waypoint marker and HUD messaging systems in UE4 for an unannounced project

Red 5 Studios

Game Designer
July 2012 – August 2013

  • Designed and scripted Firefall's first 5-man PvE instance, Blackwater Anomaly

  • Co-designed Firefall’s Chosen Warfront gameplay events

  • Acted as producer for the Chosen Warfront team in addition to design responsibilities

  • Worked with world builders to ensure playspaces accommodated gameplay mechanics while looking good

38 Studios

Game Designer
November 2011 – May 2012

  • Designed layouts, encounters, quests, and events for zones and dungeons for Project Copernicus

  • Designed a deck building card game, fully playable in physical form based on Kingdoms of Amalur IP

  • Scripted events, encounters, and quests for several zones in Project Copernicus

  • Worked with artists to ensure playspaces fulfill both art and design goals

Zenimax Online Studios

Level Designer
October 2010 – October 2011

  • Designed interior and exterior dungeons for The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Created singleplayer and multiplayer dungeons for The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Worked with designers and writers to craft playspaces to accommodate their encounters and storytelling

  • Worked with artists to take playspaces to an art complete state while maintaining design integrity

Sony Online Entertainment

Associate Game Designer
August 2008 – August 2010

  • Created PvE and PvP levels on The Agency

  • Designed FPS levels using cover system and run-and-gun gameplay mechanics

  • Scripted enemy encounters, non-combat puzzles, gameplay events, and PvP game modes

  • Prototyped a modular level construction tool set for designers and artists

Personal Projects

Cubi, Portal 2 Community Map

Released June 2011, Re-released May 2012

  • Among the top rated Portal 2 maps of all time on the Steam Workshop for Portal 2, with 5 stars and 96% positive ratings over 72,000+ total ratings

  • Designed and developed the entire level in Hammer using in-game assets

  • Initially released in June 2011, but re-released on the Steam Workshop in May 2012

Conundrum, Portal Community Map

Released June 2010

  • The highest rated Portal map on Portal Game Maps, a community site for Portal

  • Designed and developed the entire level in Hammer using in-game assets


The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Plano TX

Graduated March 2008

  • Masters of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.93

Montana State University, Bozeman MT

Graduated May 2006

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.69